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MTN Sponsored Data

Drive More Traffic to Your Online Platforms

In order to maximize the tremendous value online platforms are offering, businesses are driving traffic away from their physical stores and branches and are looking for more cost effective and creative ways to increase traffic to their websites and apps.

One place to start is to remove the barriers that hinder your customers and prospects from visiting your site. A large percentage of your target market may be excluded from your online offerings due to lack of data to access your website or apps. We are helping businesses surmount this challenge smartly, and we can help you do the same – with MTN Sponsored Data.

How It Works

  • MTN Sponsored Data enables your customers and prospects access your website, apps and other data services without data and without being charged.
  • The data charge is borne by your organisation (the sponsor) through purchase of an MTN Sponsored Data pack that your customers will use from.
  • All your customers and prospects (who are MTN subscribers) will be able to access your site and use your apps for FREE in line with set daily usage limits.

Our Value Proposition

  • Boost your sales by getting a larger portion of your hitherto unreached market to visit your site for FREE, taking advantage of MTN’s vast subscriber base.
  • Boost your lead generation engine by engaging more prospects.
  • Increase your goodwill by letting your target market know they can access your website and use your apps without the necessity of data.

Achieve all this cost effectively with MTN Sponsored Data.

Get Started

To speak to one of our specialists or make a request for this service, please send an email to