MTN Biz Plus

What is MTN Biz Plus?

MTN Biz Plus is a prepaid service that provides customers with better pricing which introduces lower cost on-net GSM Voice, Data and SMS bundles targeted primarily for the SMEs. To enjoy the service, customers must migrate from their existing tariff plans to the Biz Plus service where they will be able to choose and enjoy further discounts from any of the bundle products. In addition, further price advantage is available when customer subscribes to the SmartBiz or SmartBiz Plus packages, which include some of our ICT products (MTN Biz Tips and MTN Smart Number).


  • It allows customers move from their existing service class to the new MTN BIZ Plus service class using USSD/SMS by themselves
  • Enables customers move from one bundle to another within the service using SMS short code or USSD by themselves
  • Provides reduced price across data, voice and SMS on-net transactions per subscriber line
  • The MTN BIZ Plus tariff pricing provides daily regressive pricing for national voice calls. The regressive pricing shall be based on accumulated usage (i.e. in seconds) between 04:30:01hrs and 23:59:59hrs every day.
  • A per-second call rate shall apply from the first second at the rate of N0.11/sec
  • Free Happy Hour call
  • All rates are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) and shall apply for peak, off-peak and happy-hour periods – weekdays and weekends.
  • The product bundles other MTN ICT products (Smart Number; Business Tips; Back up as a Service & ePresence)
  • Provides the functionality to share voice minute with employees/friends in the same service class
  • Allows data share to any MTN prepaid subscriber irrespective of the service class
  • Automatic renewal of bundle subscription with automatic rollover of bundle balances is also available
  • Voice and data share are protected by PIN.
  • Provides some of our ICT products as bundle packages (MTN Biz Tips & SmartBiz Plus)
  • Businesses make more calls, download more data and send more SMS at remarkably reduced prices
  • Voice and data share to employees and friends
  • Auto rollover of unused bundle balance upon successful auto-renewal
  • Provides FREE trial for some of our ICT products (Back up as a Service)

Types of Packages and Subscription Plans

To enjoy the service, new customers must buy an MTN SIM or migrate their existing numbers to the Biz Plus service by dialing *460# or text 460 to 131. It is from this platform a customer will now be able to activate a bundle to suit their needs.
The BizPlus bundle proposition is a mix of Voice, SMS, Data and ICT attributes.

Below is the table showing different bundles under MTN Biz Plus:

BundlePriceActivation code to 131VoiceSMSDataICTValidity
SmartBizN1,000SMS 47060 Mins30 SMS100MBBusiness Tips30 Days
SmartBiz PlusN3,000SMS 47170 Mins30 SMS100MBSmart No.30 Days
BasicN2,500SMS 469100 Mins70 SMS325MB-30 Days
LiteN3,400SMS 461175 Mins70 SMS325MB-30 Days
StandardN4,200SMS 462300 Mins100 SMS325MB-30 Days
AdvantageN7,500SMS 463600 Mins100 SMS750MBOne off 3GB BaaS30 Days
PremiumN10,500SMS 464900 Mins100 SMS1.5GBOne off 3GB BaaS30 Days


Alternative USSD activation codes are as follows:

USSD CodeFunction
*460#BIZ Plus Menu
*460*1#BIZ Plus SC migration
*460*2#Biz Plus Bundle Menu
*460*2*1#Biz Plus Bundle SMART Biz
*460*2*2#Biz Plus Bundle SmartBiz Plus
*460*2*3#Biz Plus Bundle Basic
*460*2*4#Biz Plus Bundle Lite
*460*2*5#More Biz bundle options
*460*2*5*6#Biz Plus Bundle Standard
*460*2*5*7#Biz Plus Bundle Advantage
*460*2*5*8#Biz Plus Bundle Premium
*460*2*5*9#To obtain information about each bundle package


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