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MTN Biz Class


What is MTN Biz Class?

MTN Biz Class is a cost effective prepaid mobile voice and data service designed for business owners and their staff. MTN Biz Class offers a per second rate of 13k to all networks

How to Migrate
To enjoy the service, MTN subscribers simply need to migrate to the Biz Class service class by dialing *460*1*2# or text 433 to 131. Non-MTN subscribers just need to buy a new MTN SIM card and migrate to the Biz Class service class by dialing *460*1*2# or text BizClass to 131.

In addition to the business-friendly tariffs, MTN Biz Class offers customers the opportunity to activate other bundles that suit their needs.


  • Simple migration via USSD and SMS
  • Ability to share voice minutes with employees/colleagues who are also on the MTN Biz Class service class
  • Ability to share data with any MTN prepaid subscriber irrespective of the service class
  • Option of automatic renewal of bundle subscription with automatic rollover of bundle balances is also available
  • PIN-protected voice and data


Who is it for?
MTN Biz Class is designed specifically for small and growing businesses (SMEs).

How do I access the MTN BIZ Class Service?
Simply Dial *460*1*2# from an MTN line or SMS BizClass to 131 to migrate to the Biz Class service class to enjoy the service.

Will I be charged for dialing *460*1*2# to migrate to the service?

You will not be charged when migrating to this service class using the short code above. If you migrate to another service class within 30 days of migrating to MTN Biz Class, you shall only be charged N100.

Is MTN Biz Class a prepaid or postpaid service?
MTN BIZ Class is a prepaid service

How do I check my balance?
Simply dial *556# to view your balance.