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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is MTN Smart Survey?

MTN Smart Survey provides a mobile platform for enterprises to conduct and administer targeted surveys to subscribers on the MTN network, based on a pre-determined profile. Surveys are delivered through the USSD channel to subscribers that have been profiled based on specific attributes, such as age, gender, location, etc. On completion of a survey, a respondent is rewarded with MTN airtime.

Enterprises who subscribe to the service are provided with analysis, report and recommendations based on the feedback of the respondents through an accredited research agency.

Who can use the service?

Answer: Enterprises (profit or non-profit) can use the service to conduct survey, customer feedback, poll etc using the USSD mobile channel to reach targeted audience.

3. Ordering for the service

How does an Enterprise subscribe to the survey service?

Enterprise sends an email to or call 01460000 / 01460001. MTN Account Partner will contact to understand the research objectives and co-design applicable questionnaire (in USSD format-max of 160 xters) to achieve the set objectives. Agreed questionnaire will be delivered to the target audience via USSD at the scheduled date and time.

What type of report will be provided after the completion of the survey?

MTN shall deliver a survey report; including analysis of the responses from by the respondents; towards helping make a better business decision.

What kind of report will be delivered after the completion of the survey?

MTN shall present to the sponsor organisation a detailed report on the survey performance. This will include the administered questionnaire, customer attributes, survey response analysis per selected attribute and a graphical representation of survey responses. The reports can be downloaded and exported in excel format for further analysis

Which customer attributes can be used to profile targeted subscribers?"

Respondents can be targeted using the following parameters: Demography, Gender, Location -LGA, State, Geo Political Region, Age Range. Other attributes will be added on need basis

Can campaign be scheduled by date and time?

Yes. Surveys can be scheduled by date and time

If something is not working, how do I get in touch?

Please call 216 from your MTN mobile line or 08031000216 from any other mobile network in Nigeria to lodge a complaint. You can send email to the support team on:

Taking the survey: Customer Journey

How to get started?

Eligible MTN subscribers will:

  • Dial *6021# to Opt-in to the service
  • Provide age range and gender to register

By registering for the service, respondent consents to be targeted with available campaigns in future.
N.B: Subscribers on "Do not Disturb – DND" list will be exempted from this service

Survey respondent shall be able to access "Help" and "Terms and Conditions" via SMS link which will direct to the web page

If there exist an active survey, survey request shall be sent via flash SMS to customers that fit into the survey profile. Upon acceptance, survey shall be administered and respondent rewarded with MTN airtime at completion of the survey questions

-Customer can opt out by dialling *6021*4# or send "STOP" to 602

Can survey be taken using SMS?

No! The survey is delivered over the USSD channel

Will login credentials be required to access the service?

No login credential required. Respondent will simply opt-in to the service by dialling *6021#

How does a respondent unsubscribe from the service

To prevent being targeted for future survey, customer can opt out by dialling *6021*4# or send "STOP" to 6021

Does respondents need smartphone to access the service?

No! The service is accessible from any mobile device; feature phones inclusive

Will respondents will be charged from their airtime for taking the survey?

No! The service is zero rated; so respondents shall not be charged for using it.

How will subscribers be notified of an active survey?

Subscribers that fit into the profile of an active survey shall receive a flash USSD notification inviting them to take a survey for airtime reward. Subscribers can accept the survey or decline. Subscribers must accept the survey within the first minute of delivery or network session times out. For subscribers that accepted the survey but for some reason unable to complete the survey, a reminder SMS notification shall be sent to the mobile number of the responder after a defined interval.

What happens if the respondent could not complete an active survey?

Reminder SMS notification shall be sent to respondent's mobile number for subscribers that accepted the survey but unable to complete the survey. Alternatively, a respondent can continue an active survey by dialling *6021#.The last question will be presented to the respondent to continue from where he/she stopped.

What is in it for respondents that complete the survey?

Targeted MTN Customers that complete the administered survey shall be rewarded with MTN airtime via MTN VTU top-up.

How much does it cost to administer a survey?

  • Unit cost for survey delivery to targeted respondent is N100
  • Default airtime reward per survey is N100. Researcher may decide to reward with higher airtime values.

What happens if my campaign budget isn't exhausted (unused budget)?

The campaign shall be optimised to ensure maximum usage for what has been paid for

4. Survey Creation & Delivery

How do I create the research questions?

You will be engaged by a sales representative to understand your research objectives. Our sales representatives will assist to guide the development of survey questions that delivers optimal value. The final survey questions and answers will be deliberated on till a consensus is reached. Agreed questionnaire is created on the research platform and delivered to the target audience via USSD.

When will the survey questions be delivered to respondents?

Specific surveys are delivered to MTN customers that fits into the selection criteria. Surveys are delivered between the hours of 8 am and 6pm all week.

How many questions can be administered in a single survey?

To ensure optimal customer experience, maximum of 7 questions can be administered to survey respondents.