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Smart Survey


In today's highly competitive business landscape, organizations need to work ever more closely with their customers. They need to understand, with laser precision, what their customers are thinking, get the right insight from them, and make data-driven decisions on their offerings.

But the challenge sometimes is where to start, how to go about it in a timely and cost effective way, so that the best results are achieved. Well, whether you’re planning a focus group survey to test a new product line you’re about to launch, or you’re interested in doing a quick pulse check of your customers, or you’re looking at administering a short, snackable survey as a precursor of a more in-depth research, we’ve got a practical solution that simplifies it all for you – MTN Smart Survey

What Is MTN Smart Survey?

MTN Smart Survey provides a mobile platform for your organisation to conduct and administer targeted surveys to subscribers on the MTN network, based on a pre-determined profile. Surveys are delivered through the USSD channel to subscribers that have been profiled based on specific attributes, such as age, gender, location, etc. On completion of a survey, a respondent is rewarded with MTN airtime.

When you opt for the MTN Smart Survey Solution, you are provided, through an accredited research agency, with analysis, reports and recommendations that are based on the feedback of the profiled respondents.

Features Benefits
USSD as channel of delivery/engagement – *6021#
  • Easy to deploy
  • Respondents don’t need data-enabled devices to participate in surveys
Opt-in requirements by subscribers via registration
  • Customers on Do Not Disturb (DND) list are exempted
  • Your survey doesn’t go to unwilling subscribers
  • Respondents can opt out by dialling *6021*4# or by simply sending “STOP” to 6021
Airtime as reward to respondents for completion
  • Incentives will help encourage more respondents
  • Access a larger response base
Personalized and relevant surveys to customers based on MTN’s consumer insights
  • Target and reach the right respondents, leveraging MTN’s segmented customer base