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 What is WACS?

WACS (West African Cable System) is the most advanced and only ultra-high capacity submarine cable system ever to hit the shores of Nigeria. WACS is delivered to Nigeria by MTN and links Europe, West Africa and South Africa. With WACS, businesses can enjoy unfettered connectivity between anywhere in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.


With bandwidth capacity of over 5.12 Tbps and spanning 14,530 km, WACS delivers unmatched international connectivity. As such, MTN is uniquely positioned to provide:

 International Private Leased Circuits to any location across the globe.

 An extensive terrestrial IP & broadband infrastructure to deliver high grade and highly-availability connectivity anywhere in Nigeria.

 High quality, low latency connectivity giving an unfettered internet experience for wholesalers/carriers and end-users alike

How do I get connected?

To find out more on how your business can benefit from our international connectivity, please send us an email at mtnbusiness@mtnnigeria.net.