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MTN Data Share

What is MTN Data Share?

MTN Data Share is a service that provides a group of SIMs with mobile Internet access. Data Share offers organisations the opportunity to purchase mobile internet capacity to share amongst their staff. This makes it easier for organisations to manage spend.
Who is it for?
With MTN Data Share, organisations such as banks, retailers and vehicle tracking providers etc can allocate mobile data bundles to their staff, ATMs, PoS terminals, vehicles etc in accordance to their usage requirements.

  • Organisations can provide mobile internet access to their staff from a single point
  • Get billed for the data usage of your entire staff on a single invoice.
  • Manage the data and mobile Internet requirements of your organisation seamlessly.

  • Available in both Variable and Fixed mobile Internet bundles 
  • Post-paid Service 

How do I subscribe?
For more details, please call 01-460 0000/1