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MTN Security Policy

MTN Security Policy

By logging in here, you agree to abide by the MTN information security policies. 

Do not share user accounts, contact customer care if you want to obtain your own.

Do your best to protect the privacy of other subscribers and your own information. Misuse and fraudulent use is monitored via automated mechanisms..

Regularly check if your device is secure by visiting and fixing relevant issues.

Do not exchange or store passwords in plaintext. Use encryption keys or use a password vault. If you think that your password was compromised by a data breach or viruses, change it after ensuring your device is secure. Make sure your passwords are at least 10 characters long.

Make sure that you have enabled "Two-step authentication" on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, etc

Know that emails can be faked. Watch out for phishing emails by always hovering your mouse above links and checking that the URL is correct. Do not open suspicious attachments. 

Make sure your software is updated when the updates become available by enabling auto-updates.

Keep your anti-virus up to date and scan regularly. Ensure your personal firewall is not disabled.

Encrypt your hard drive if possible and ensure you have a backup.