MTN Hosted PBX

What is MTN Hosted PBX?

MTN Hosted PBX is a prepaid service for SMEs that enables your office and employees to be integrated in a common network that includes all mobile and SIM-embedded desk phones. It provides your business with the functionality and benefits of owning a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system without having to install any equipment within your premises. MTN Hosted PBX service also offers you enhanced Closed User Group (CUG) functionality. In addition, you can operate the MTN Hosted PBX with MTN Smart Number and administer the users yourself. For example, you can create functionalities and add/delete users for specified functions. This can be done securely online anytime, anywhere.

Why MTN Hosted PBX?

With MTN Hosted PBX, you not only eliminate the huge cost and inconvenience of having to own and manage a physical PBX but also enjoy all the benefits of a traditional PBX system – Auto Attendant, Call Hunting, Call Diversion, Music-on-Hold, Find-Me/Follow-Me, Admin Portal and much more, such as MTN CUG and MTN Smart Number services – all for just a small monthly subscription.

The reasons for adopting MTN Hosted PBX are summed up below:

Cost Savings: You do not need to invest in capital-intensive infrastructure.

Cost Predictability: All business calls within the pool of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) are charged at a fixed rate, thereby enabling you to determine your spend band in advance

Reachability and Responsiveness: Because all the numbers within the VPN are on the MTN network, there is better reach amongst them.

Mobility: You never get to miss a call even when you are not in the office. So you can go anywhere you want and still have your office calls routed to your mobile lines.

Self Service: You can administer the service yourself and make amendments based on your requirements.

Key Features of MTN Hosted PBX:

MTN Hosted PBX has the following key features, among others:

Feature Description
Auto Attendant This allows set-up of a pre-recorded welcome message or information
when customers call in, thus helping to present a professional image of your business.
Call Hunting This enables a list of numbers you specify to be “hunted” or reached when the first one dialled is not available or is unanswered.
Call Diversion This function enables redirection of a call you receive to an alternative destination if a
call cannot be completed.
Music on Hold This enables your callers to listen to some customised tunes while being kept on hold or
while waiting to connect to your office.
Find-Me/Follow-Me This feature makes it possible for several phones in different locations of your office to ring simultaneously when a call comes in.
Self-Admin Portal This feature allows you or your administrator to make changes to the CUG or PBX group online without having to contact MTN.

VPN Attendant Rates

Plan Name   Setup Fee
(Once off)
Monthly Fees Number of Lines Additional Extensions (Departments or Lines)
VPN Attendant 5,000 2,500 2 1,000


Plan Name No of lines Voice Calls Monthly Fees
SME CUG Voice Only 2+ 500 minutes 800

All You Need To Know

What do I need to access the MTN Hosted PBX service?
In order to use the service, you will need:

  • Mobile phones with MTN lines
  • Internet connection and a web browser to access the web portal for user administration (optional)
  • Recording of voice prompts for the VPN Attendant service

How do I log into my self-administration web portal? Logging in to the self-administration web portal is easily accomplished by using the service link which will be provided once you are activated. When you click on the service link, a log-in page appears, where you will be required to provide your username and password to access the portal.

How do I know my username and password? Your username and password will be sent to the email address you provided in the registration form you filled. You will be required to change the password before use.

How do I record the voice prompt for my VPN Attendant Service? You can set up your voice prompt using the self-administration portal, or MTN can set up your VPN Attendant service with generic prompts which you can later change using the self-administration portal.

Will the service work with MTN fixed/ wired lines? Not at the moment. However, we are currently working to make this available.

Can I increase the number of users in the group at any time during the month? Yes. This is achieved by contacting your MTN Account Partner. You can also send an email to Where new users are added within the month, the subscription fee shall be prorated.

Do I have to contact MTN every time I want to make changes to the enhanced CUG or VPN Attendant settings? No.  You will be able to change all key settings, such as modifying call screening, diversions, hunt lists or voice prompts within your own enhanced CUG or VPN Attendant easily, over the internet, through the self-administration portal. We recommend that a designated resource in your company serves as the Customer Administrator to do this.

Who is the MTN Hosted PBX service for? MTN Hosted PBX is targeted at SMEs and home offices that require control in the use of their CUG package and access to the functionalities of a PBX system without having to invest capital in acquiring the hardware, licenses or support.

Can I pay at any MTN Walk-in Centres?
Yes. You can pay cheque or cash for the service at any MTN Walk-In Centre.

How do I request for the service? You can place your order and make payment at any MTN Walk-In Centre. You can also contact your MTN Account Partner. You will be given an order form to fill. This order form will contain information that will be used to activate your account

How do I recharge my account?
Three days before subscription expiration, you will be sent an SMS every day advising you to make payment. You are expected to make payment by funding your parent number via VTU or by paying cash or cheque to your MTN Account Partner, who will then help to credit your airtime account. This should be done before the expiration date to prevent service suspension. Once the airtime is credited, the payment will be automatically deducted from the parent number's airtime and validity of the subscription will be extended accordingly.

So, what are you waiting for? Send an email to, contact your MTN Account Partner, or call 0700MTNBUSINESS (070068628746377) today, and let one of specialists help you get started.