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Enterprise Wi-Fi



Enterprise Wi-Fi

Do you run a restaurant or hospitality service and want to keep your customers coming back? Let MTN Enterprise WiFi help you achieve this today.

With Enterprise WiFi, you can satisfy your customers and watch customer loyalty soar!

By opting to use the MTN Enterprise WiFi service, your business and your customers benefit in the following ways:


Your Benefit

Your customers’ Benefit

High-speed internet

Positive customer experience and increased customer satisfaction leading to customer loyalty

Opportunity to browse effortlessly within your premises

An intuitive user interface for easy setup. Multiple authentication modes for easy customer sign-up/login

Opportunity to expand customer database for future marketing efforts

Easy login, enhanced experience within.

Customizable splash page for adverts and customer data capture that looks great on mobile and desktop

Opportunity to capture your customer’s data for future marketing campaigns

An aesthetic view of content

Automated review requests for customer reviews on social media

Additional opportunity to obtain referrals

Opportunity to become an opinion leader in this field

Comprehensive customer data capture: gender, age, language, address, device OS and model and more for advanced analytics

Opportunity to push targeted ads to customers.

Opportunity to segment target for marketing purposes

Opportunity to enjoy relevant offers

Geofencing capability allowing you to automatically email customers within your vicinity 

Opportunity to get the right content out at the right moment.

Opportunity to take advantage of relevant offers, attend relevant events, etc.

API integration for seamless integration with Facebook, Google and other social for seamless campaign development

Seamless and simultaneous marketing across diverse social media platforms.




Robust reporting capability for seamless integration with popular reporting platforms

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing any reporting platform



How it works

  • A customer walks into your restaurant (Hotel, Spa, etc.), and you offer free WiFi
  • The customer signs up using their social media, phone number or email
  • The customer sees your promo adverts before proceeding to browse
  • Upon exiting the platform, the customer receives an SMS prompt for a review on social media.
  • Subsequently, whenever the customer is within the vicinity of your business, they receive a notification of an offer at your restaurant, hotel or spa.
  • The customer returns to experience the offer and becomes a repeat customer
  • Our advanced analytics feature allows you profile this customer based on gender, age, location, device model/OS and more

Subsequently, you can continue to engage this customer with targeted ads via social media, email or SMS. You can also run reports giving you a comprehensive view of your customers.


Enterprise WiFi Overview


Outdoor Modem

Number of concurrent users: 512


Outdoor Modem

Number of concurrent users: 256