MTN MyOffice

MTN MyOffice

These are indeed exciting times for start ups and growing businesses. Technology has made it possible do business in a much smarter yet cost efficient manner than was ever imagined. Mobile services, the Internet, smarter devices are now the Cloud, all make for a much more empowered growing business.

At MTN Business we understand that almost every successful business started out as a small or medium enterprise (SME). At this stage, controlling costs while delivering world-class service to your customers is paramount. This is where we come in.

MTN Business takes great pleasure in assisting growing businesses and watching them develop into larger more profitable organisations. MTN MyOffice is MTN Nigeria’s suite of SME-focused ICT solutions designed to enhance the way SMEs work and collaborate. With better collaboration comes higher productivity and ultimately profitability.

The MTN MyOffice suite includes:

  1. Closed user group voice services
  2. Devices bundled with mobile broadband Internet
  3. Fixed broadband Internet with free modems
  4. Desktop as a Service
  5. SME Portal
  6. Conference Call
  7. Plus an array of web/email hosting, domain name registration & web development services









Closed User Group Service bundled with Mobile Broadband Internet

MTN’s SME Closed User Group (CUG) service allows SMEs enjoy zero-rated mobile calls among their staff, at a flat monthly rate from as low as N500 only. This means as a growing business you are better able to plan and manage spend.

Customers, who subscribe to mobile broadband for their staff, will enjoy up to 20% discount on the price of CUG. As few as 2 and as many as 199 persons can part of this SME CUG.

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Devices bundled with Mobile Broadband Internet

Mobile phones and tablets are quickly becoming the preferred way people communicate and collaborate. MTN MyOffice offers businesses a broad range of devices from low-end feature phones to high-end smart phones and tablets from the world’s major device manufacturers – Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung etc. This way you can empower your staff with the tools appropriate to their roles and watch them perform.

All phones/tablets come with your choice of mobile broadband monthly plans including 500MB, 1GB, 3GB & 5GB.

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Fixed Broadband Internet with free modems

The Internet has become a lifeline for business. It is the means through which you reach and are reached. MTN MyOffice offers businesses reliable and stable fixed broadband Internet with various plans to choose from. These include monthly, weekly, all-day and daytime plans all. What's more there are no limits on download. This means you have no fear of reaching a download limit no matter how intensive your work on the Internet.
Based on your specific needs, we can offer you:

  1. Fixed broadband via a landline (this comes bundled with a voice line also) – riding on MTN’s copper network
  2. Fixed broadband via a wireless router (this comes bundled with Voice over IP capability) – riding on MTN’s WiMAX network

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Conference Call

It is sometimes necessary to hold important business discussions with various parties who may not all be in the same place. With MTN Conference Call you are able to this very easily, securely and at no extra cost. MTN Conference Call allows up to 20 persons engage in a conference call with each person simply paying for the cost of his/her call.

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Desktop as a Service

Why grapple with the costs of high-end laptops, high capacity desktops and the accompanying software licences when you can pay only for what you really need - the service. With MTN Desktop as a Service your staff can access Microsoft Productivity tools, prepare, save and share documents that actually sit on a secure server in a remote location and only have to pay a monthly subscription.

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SME Portal

The MTN SME portal is an easy way for businesses to select services and bundle plans online with special discounts.  

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Other Services

A host of other SME-targeted services shall be delivered on the MTN MyOffice platform in the near future. These include but are not limited to.

  • Web/Email Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Design/Development

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